Sunday, July 13, 2008

Babyproofing saves your things too

Babyproofing your home saves not only your child from getting hurt by errant splinters and hard surfaces, it also saves your things too. I realized this when my son got hold of the cables of our PC speakers and yanked it. It was a blessing that the speakers missed my son's head but it still fell on the floor and got broken.

Lesson learned indeed.

So my husband got creative in keeping all cables away. He need not exactly channel his CAT6 Patch Cables Know-How, he just consulted the attendants at Handyman for simple solutions to our toddler situation.

And speaking of cables, do keep your cables away. Not only do they pose strangling risks for a child, replacing broken ones can be a pain. Just imagine not being able to charge your gadgets or access your files because some of the cable filaments (?) got yanked out of place.

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