Wednesday, June 04, 2008

White Bird for Bridal Showers

White Bird is a gay bar located along Roxas Blvd., past the Redemptorist Church and Seaside Market.

Best friends and maids-of-honor throwing a bridal shower party have two options: hire the machos (White Bird guys) and get them to perform in a private suite somewhere or just go there with your friends. Going there with friends is, of course, the cheaper alternative. Plus, it offers you the opportunity to people watch and get a better feel of just what the culture is like in such places (or the politics among the machos and their patrons).

Last time I went there, they charge P300 each for entrance.

Try to also time your visit to their 'events', a monthly thing they hold in time with paydays, the best of which happens in December, when they also crown the Mr. White Bird of that year. Basically, if you when there's an event, there will be more guys to drool at and performances to watch.

What did I mean by people watch? Actually, a nice surprise White Bird offers is the fact that a lot of Koreans go there, even men, and not because they're matrons or dirty old men. White Bird actually attracts the young, hip crowd too and Koreans seem to like just hanging out there. Thus, the machos usually channel anime through their hairstyles and make-up (yes, they do put on make-up).

And it's not risque all the way all night. The club also offers stand-up comedy and boy dance groups. And the best buttered chicken I have ever tasted in my life. I swear, it is a must try!

One other thing I like about the place is the presence of masseurs. So you can oggle hunky, chunky men and get massaged too. It's really your call how much you give these masseurs, but I can assure you that the massage they give is not just some token touching and pressing here and there. They really trained and you will get relaxed.

Of course, I must also say that their comfort rooms leave much to be desired, but the bowls can be flushed and there's running water to wash hands with... which really are the most important things.

So if you're considering throwing a bridal shower, you might want to call Hazel (or ask them who you can talk to) at (632) 855-2622. Just make sure you include some of the details I posted here (and others which may be helpful) with your bridal shower invitations so attendees will be forewarned... and forearmed.

One other thing, as a courtesy to the machos, picture-taking of the machos isn't allowed. They won't ask for your phones with cameras but if you're really itching for a picture, ask the staff first.

Oh, and if you 'table' a macho, his drink will cost times four the usual price. Just so you know. Hope this helps.

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