Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tap Your Blogging Network

My Berk friends, who are set to meet and have a grand tour of several States this autumn, are scouring the internet for ways to maximize their Outer Banks visit.

Thank heavens that almost anything now can be googled. But I must be using the wrong keywords too because I was meaning to direct my friends to that site where bloggers all over the world open their own homes to fellow bloggers who may be visiting their country. This not only builds stronger friendships, this also saves travelling bloggers a lot of money. So my friends would really do well to check that site out.

If you're planning to go abroad, now's a good time as any to also get in touch with a blogger from that country. At best, you just might be offered free accommodations. At worst, you can immediately get information about places and sights, by asking the blogger or just by reading his posts. If you're lucky, you even get pictures to entice you or turn you away!

Your blog network is also good for other things, like party planning (even wedding planning!), research and idea resource. Don't know where to bring your date? Check other people's blogs! Don't know what to cook for dinner tonight? Check blogs! Not sure if you're breastfeeding right or digiscrapping right, or taking pictures right? Check blogs!

It would help though if you've already haunted a certain blog for a while, so you'd also be somehow sure that the bloggers tastes aren't weird. :)

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