Monday, June 02, 2008

Signing up for an UPOU E-mail Account

Just in case there are other UPOU newbies like me who are finding it weird not being able to land on the correct page where we're supposed to sign up for our learner e-mail accounts. Yes, just typing the url porvided in the sheet of paper in our Academic Catalogues isn't enough, no matter how correctly you typed everything.

But googling "google apps upou signup" will land you on the correct page. And no, searching for "upou email signup" won't get you there.

Feel free to also just click on the following link: upou student signup

Make sure you save your account information on a notepad or e-mail account since it may not be saved in your browser or computer memory. You will need the info to create your Moodle account. And be prepared, it will be another gmail account (offering 6 gig of space) so if you already have one (in my case I have two), prepare to be confused. Or to remember to check your other accounts if you have your usual gmail info saved and automatically logged in your PC.

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