Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Secret to Guinataang Alimango

Guinataang Alimango (Crabs in Coconut Milk) is best served with squash and string beans. And of course, the season's freshest crabs (which are particularly cheap right now at P250/kilo).

The secret to getting the most out of the coco milk is to add the squash last. Let the crabs really cook in the coco milk for awhile, so that the flavor will seep into every inch of the crab, and the crab's juices and flavor will also return to the broth.

I know most people will probably say that you do add the veggies last (especially the string beans which cook really fast). I guess what i'm saying is to let the crabs cook in the coconut milk real good first before adding the squash, which, though it adds flavor to the dish, also takes away the flavor of the coco milk from the crab/the crab from the coco milk.

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