Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sales and Wits

Just recently, I found myself caught between throngs of people and their grocery carts when SM Manila offered a One-Time Sale for their SM Advantage Members.

Members could buy FIVE Buy 1, Take 1 items and TEN Value Bags (with freebies). Naturally, people got swept by the opportunity to buy things at the price of one. So they loaded their carts with the Buy 1, Take 1 items being brought out of storage eventhough these weren't exactly in their grocery list.

It is so easy to lose your wits and immediately think you're getting a good deal because of offers like that. Try to exercise some control and think the items over. Do you really use that particular product? Could you really use the freebie? Will these items expire anytime soon? And are the items even good for you?

Save your money for the necessities and good buys. Keep your wits with you when shopping.

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