Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pyjama Party with a Twist

Here's an idea for a pyjama party, or bridal shower party even.

Get a suite. Order the food (or take a leaf after me and my MyGer friends before, we had our suitors and boyfriends sponsor the food and booze... and suite, hehe). Make sure you have the best party music in your mp3 players and iPods. Make sure at least one of you takes decent pictures. Make sure your camera has batteries and memeory cards. And make everybody show up in sexy costumes!!!

Nobody need not order a naughty nurse's uniform online. You can make it a DIY thing or maybe even turn it into a contest. The most resourceful one will get a prize (like a whole bottle of Tequila Rose to her name). For sure, it would be fun strutting your stuff and posing like crazy with girlfriends who will hoot appreciatively all the way.

Just do not post/upload the incriminating pictures on the net afterwards.

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