Friday, June 13, 2008

The Problem with Some Resorts...

... like Fontana, in Pampanga, for example, is that there are some things they prohibit you from bringing in. Like extra beddings for the others sharing the villa with you. Or food (snacks and drinks) in their pool. You need not leave your beer pong tables behind, but you also cannot bring in your own beer. I guess you can sit on them to go down the water slide instead... or as a raft of sorts in the resort's 'river'.

You cannot even use resort-issued towels at their pool area, you'd have to deposit it at the Entrance if you can't leave it in your car or villa.

To think that they're already charging you some P200-300 I think (P100 for members or those endorsed by members) just to go in the pool area!

I can rant further but I won't. But do consider yourself warned.

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