Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ocean Water and Skin

One thing i've noticed is that salt water seems to be a great acne treatment for me. And I seem to have inherited the more persistent type of acne, one that has stayed even after I was through with adolescence.

I've just really observed that after a trip to the beach, I enjoy a week or two of clearer skin. Which led me wondering on whether I should bottle some of the salt water for use at home.

Weirdly enough, some actually do that!

Googling this however, I've gathered that it could be a combination of sun and sea water actually that is helping my skin to clear. The sea water has some sort of antibacterial properties (which is why, when you have minor wounds, elders encourage you to go swimming as the sea water helps speed up the healing process) but some exposure to the sun also stimulates the healing. And of course, everything in moderation, as ultraviolet rays can also damage our skin.

Still, it's one more reason to love the beach!

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