Monday, June 02, 2008

Natalac vs Prolacta

Natalac by Intermed costs around P8/pc at Mercury Drug. Initial prescription is two capsules daily when you're still building up your milk supply.

Pro-lacta by AlterMed costs P6.50 per capsule. Initial prescription is three times daily, after which you can reduce the 'dosage'.

What Moms may have overlooked though is the fact that Natalac capsules only contain 250 mg. of malunggay (moringga) goodness while Pro-lacta contains 350 mg. So in the long run, Pro-lacta is the value-for-money buy, especially if you're only taking one a day already.

Both are food supplements and will not guarantee breastfeeding success though. Direct, regular feeding will. Still, if you can afford them, these supplements do help increase milk supply. I have actually started treating them as MY daily supplement since they're a good source of Beta Carotene and several Vitamins and Minerals.

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