Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lose Weight

The most tangible advantage of being a healthy weight is the fact that you see it, feel it, and you don't have as many issues dressing up.

The most important benefit, however, of being a healthy weight is that it literally reduces all the risks for all illnesses. This not only saves money (from medication, lab tests, doctor's fees, absences and confinements) and heartache (just dealing with our own mortality, or our loved ones', can be exhausting), it also allows us to really enjoy life.

But a healthy weight seldom comes cheap or easily. Sometimes, you have to pay more for healthier options. Diet pills like Orovo, gym memberships, running shoes, a personal trainer, all will require some cost. And regular exercise can get boring, even if it is cardio striptease and belly dancing.

Still, constant vigilance with what you eat and do are the only things that will really result in a weight loss you can count on that will not result in madness. And the best time to start is NOW, not on Monday, or after a party or the Holidays.

Regular exercise can literally 'cure' your diabetes because it can reduce the dosage or frequency of your maintenance drugs. Regular exercise also helps with fertility. Regular exercise also saves you from depression.

So yes, your weight just may be the reason why you're unhappy.

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