Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lighting at Home

Most middle-income Filipino families, and of course, the poorer sort, would already be happy with long fluorescents to light up their homes.

But those who can afford to also enjoy aesthetics should know that it's light that really spells the difference in how inviting and beautiful and cozy and usable a room or workspace will be.

Architects, interior designers and even Feng Shui experts all consider light, how to get natural light flowing throughout the house, and how to make sure that use of a room is maximized.

Lighting at home, whether you use Maxim lighting or DIY stuff you fashioned from pails, lamp shades and bulbs, will serve several purposes: to accent/emphasize, to beautify and to illuminate.

Accent lighting will be those placed beside windows, spotlights, lighting around mirrors, etc.

Samples of lights that decorate or beautify are chandeliers.

And of course, we all use light to do our tasks (say lighting on kitchen counters or over study tables).

Dimmer switches and halogen lights are becoming vogue now too, because it helps in creating a certain mood (and also saves energy when you do not really need that much light in a room).

So yes, if you're building your own home, consider lighting. It can turn even the blandest of furnishings into something warm and appealing, if you just know what to do.

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