Thursday, June 05, 2008

For a More Glowing Skin

... get pregnant!

I swear, even I was shocked about how well it resolved my acne.

Or you can use breastmilk, freshly pumped, as moisturizer on your own face. It's sort of a natural acne treatment because it contains antibodies as well as other nutrients.

Some, however, respond to honey... or oatmeal...

It's really a matter of finding the right natural remedy for you, especially if you don't really have bad acne.

Even regular exercise and enough sleep can minimize the ravages on our skin. Exercise flushes the toxins out and sleep repairs what's broken. Hydrating helps too, so not only does drinking more than the recommended eight glasses of water help in losing the unwanted pounds, it also helps in keeping our faces clear.

And yes, living on lots of fruits and veggies and avoiding fatty foods is always a win-win situation to be in.

So when breakouts threaten to ruin your day, do a brain dance first and check if there's something you didn't do (eat and sleep right) or can do (eat and sleep right!). There are a lot of natural ways to address everyday hassles so long as we think long-term and aren't impatient.

Do not apply toothpaste on zits though, for they only make the marks darker.

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