Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Let's make fathers happy by giving them gifts they will really enjoy! Consider the following...

for gadget-freaks and techie Dads:
Toy/hobby laptops in the form of Asus eee PC or Astone UMPC. An iPod, iTouch or iPhone. A DSLR. A lomo cam. A Mac. External Hard Drives (for sure, a MyBook 1 TB harddrive will make anyone happy). Bluetooth headphones. New speakers. If you can afford it, a plasma TV. If not, an LCD monitor.

for the fashion-forward Pop:
Branded outfits. New jeans. New matching belt and wallet. New buzz (haircut) with matching facial and massage. IWC watches. Cuff links. Jewelry. New socks. New boxers with your kids' favorite cartoon if you can find them.

for geeky fathers:
A telescope. First Edition magazines in mint condition. Action figures from his childhood. DVDs of geeky movies or TV programs. Encyclopedia collection in book or dvd format. Discovery Channel episodesin DVD. A new computer or TV. A hard-to-find book. A collection of childhood TV programs, or comic strip characters.

for the outdoorsy/athletic handyman of the house:
Genuine Swiss Army Knife. New phone with GPS or pedometer. Treadmill. Gym membership or Cardio Striptease classes (which should be fun). Dancing lessons with you. New trek shoes. New running shoes. New tennis or badminton rackets. Sweat bands. Tickets to his favorite game. New tools for the car. Special step ladders. Gift certificates to the home improvement section. Camping gear. Swim gear.

for the earthbound homebody:
Books. CDs. DVDs. Food. Kitchen appliance. Gardening tools.

for the easy-to-please love of your life:
A collage of family pictures. A DIY photoslide uploaded in Youtube. Or better yet, a video of you (or the kids) singing and dancing your greetings uploaded in Youtube. His favorite homecooked meals. Massage. A lot of loving-loving. A letter. A poem. A "good morning" with a kiss and a smile.

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