Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eat Out, (Weight) Gain More

It's a sad fact. Eating out results in eating more, or if not more, certainly more salted or sugared fare.

I realized this yet again after having around two to three chocolate cream chip drink from Starbucks weekly last May. It was really the only deviation from homecooked meals because we seldom really eat or go out. We get the drinks while travelling to and from my in-laws.

So, although I don't need to take Orovo detox pills just yet, I did gain ten pounds in a month just because of all the caramel drizzle and extra whipped cream I stuffed myself with.

Fastfood fare is no better. Remember that video of McDonalds fries not getting any mold even after ten weeks? That's the sodium content talking! Plus, when you eat out, you often get to buying extra side dishes and desserts or getting second helpings. Want to know just how many calories your burger has? Check Burger King, they have this huge poster stating just how many calories their Whopper packs.

Because it's a fundamental law of cooking, the saltier or the fatter it is, the tastier it gets. That's how restaurants keep their patrons coming...

So if you suddenly gained weight, consider how many times you ate out this month. It could be the reason why your pants won't fit you anymore.

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