Friday, June 13, 2008

Coupons Save You Money

It's one of the Pinoys' bad habits. We seldom collect and use coupons when it can actually save us a lot of big money.

There was a program I saw before (Oprah, I think) where a Mom was being interviewed on how she gets to shop for clothes for her kids and still get to save money.

She said the secret to her savings include buying house brands for some items, buying off-season, buying at surplus shops, and checking first at the mall's reception desk for a book of coupons which she can use. She literally saves hundreds of dollars this way.

So, let's say you'd be requiring a lot of printed brochures and business cards for your company (or the company you're working for). A good move would be to get your hands on some Vista Print coupons and maybe have enough savings for company stationery and shirts.

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