Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Careful with Ingredients

Branded morsels, chocolate drops and what-nots can be expensive. So woe to someone who loves a super chunky chocolate chip cookie right?

Baking supplies shops also store generic chocolate chips... but do beware that baking is more like installing a house's foundation. You can't remedy it as easily as when you're just cooking.

And using different brands will yield different results.

We made the mistake of overloading our choco chip cookie batter with generic choco chips. Sure, we got the sweetness overload we were shooting for but the choco chips also had too much butter/fats in them that resulted in a super soft bath of choco chip cookies. They all melted and got incorporated in the batter, like chocolate swirls in dough. The effect would have been more appreciated in cakes, and certainly not on cookies that are cookie-thin and cake-crumbly.

Using chopped generic chocolate blocks was actually better, albeit time-consuming.

Lesson learned... stick to the recipe. Once confident, experiment with only a portion of the batter where necessary. That way, you don't ruin the whole batch.

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