Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bike Rider Dreams

Thinking of becoming a biker but not sure if it's really for you (or you're really for it)?

Maybe you can borrow a friend's bike for awhile. But if they have already invested in every nut and bolt in their bikes, they might not be so keen about giving you an opportunity to crash their rides. So what to do?

Well, you can consider buying brand-new but cheaper brands or secondhand ones. Used Harleys may not always come as cheap as you'd want them to but they'd still be Harleys. This way, you need not invest so much, you are spared from cringing over every scratch and dent you get, and can literally concentrate on just riding.

After all, riding a bike does not just require skills, it also requires the right attitude and smarts. Plus, you also have to invest on other things, like a really good helmet and riding jackets.

After learning the ropes, that's when you decide whether motorcycles will be a passion, something you will invest in the long-term. And that's when you save up for new bikes, maybe even get a customized one for yourself.

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