Saturday, June 07, 2008

Back Up Those Files

It's so easy nowadays, to have all our important info handy at the click of a mouse. Not just those, really, but all our files are so easily accessed now too, easy to find, and sort of easy to store what with bigger and bigger hard disks coming with our PCs.

But am sure we have all lost files one way or another too. Horror stories of hacked computers and PCs crashing, or our phones stolen or lost... even blog bugs make us lose precious posts. How to protect yourse;f from this?

No other way really but to back-up your files regularly. There are two ways you can go about this.

First, you can upload your files in the internet, whether in .zip or .rar files. We usually bemoan lost pictures the most so uploading those is really important.

Second is to buy memory, extra memory... whether they come in forms of zip drives, internal or external hard disks or many memory cards accessed through card readers.

Backing up files will seem like a chore, initially, but once you've made a habit of doing so, it's really easy. After all, files may be copied as you blog and chat and upload more photos. Do it regularly, like every first week of the month, or every week. Just put all new files in a separate folder or invest on a program that literally scours your computer for new/updated files.

This way, you need not worry so much about grieving over lost files.

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