Thursday, June 12, 2008

Avoid Allergies

One of the better buys you can probably make is investing in vacuum cleaners, be they hand-held devices or truly heavy-duty ones.

Hand-held ones are great for using in the car, some nooks and crannies you can't really reach or dust away completely. The heavy duty ones are great if you have carpets in your home. They help get to the dirt and facilitate removal of allergens (dust and molds).

It would also help if you air your entire home once in a while. Let it breathe. And regularly clean your place, wiping counters and surfaces and dusting rags and mats completely. You don't have to be Martha Stewart clean at home and your work areas need not be gleaming from cleanliness all the time but it sure pays to keep them clean and dust-free.

If there are kids at home, and plushies in the form of stuffed or soft toys abound, clean them using wipes drenched in ethyl alcohol.

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