Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding Day Savior : Delegate Tasks

If you hired the services of a coordinator, chances are you are already getting all the wedding planning help you can get. Most probably, they have also walked you through every every imaginable boo-boo that can happen on the day of your wedding and has been holding your hand for every wedding planning stress that you meet. Still, here are some insights from my two stints of assisting in weddings and from attending so many weddings over the years.

One sure way to minimize wedding day problems is to delegate tasks. As much as possible, try not to assign them to a member of your entourage who will be worrying about her gown and make-up to have the presence of mind to remember. Unless you were upfront that you are getting him for certain tasks, that is. Or, assign a list of related things to one person you can trust, as opposed to one small thing that will be easily forgotten:

* one will be in charge of the processional, recessional and offertory people... so assign someone who knows everyone in your wedding party. Remember that the coordinators do not know your friends (unless they were introduced in a rehearsal dinner) and may get confused which ones are the actual primary/secondary sponsors since even guests are wearing gowns and barongs
* one will be in charge of all wedding ceremony paraphernalia... so he/she would box everything he/she'd have to bring

Better yet, assign a set of colleagues to do all the readings for you... and a set of cousins to do the offertory. That way, they know they're in charge of that particular part of the ceremony and can already cover for each other. It seldom really matters who reads the passages from the Bible so long as the task is done wonderfully. At least, there'd be no more running around looking for one specific person (as if the wine cannot be brought to the altar by some other person). Ushers can be another group of friends. This will facilitate the execution of the task because they'd know each other and can easily make up for each other's slack, without grievously upsetting other people because one or two turned out unreliable.

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