Friday, May 30, 2008

Tam-awan Village - Baguio

Tam-Awan Village - Garden in the Sky is around 10-15 minutes from Baguio City proper. It is literally built on a mountain so exploring the place would require some trekking (nothing strenuous, unless you're superbly out-of-shape).

Entrance fee is P20 for adults, P10 for children. I believe you can bring your own food there, just make sure to bring your trash with you when you leave. But please don't bring your own food because their cafe/restaurant serves food deliciously done at cheap prices.

The pinikpikan (native chicken that's kinda battered to become tastier) is very good, but you have to keep in mind that native chicken isn't as tender as the ones sold in supermarkets. We loved the few slices of ham that came with the lettuce/rice in their meals. The service was great, the staff warmly accommodating.

Artworks are sold there too. Check out the artist by the name of James Gambito (I think). The depth of his paintings are just so exquisite and perfect. And am not sure if you're not supposed to take pictures of all artworks or just those in specific places.

The cafe is also a souvenir shop so do browse around. It sells ethnic men's jewelry and accessories aside from decorative wooden figurines and other wall hangings as well.

Oh, one thing you MUST also do there is have your portrait sketched. It's only P100/person (P300 if you're a couple). The sketches aren't that great but it's a nice experience just the same. Plus, if you're lucky, or if it's down time in that area, there'd be more than one artist sketching you. And you get to keep all the sketches for the same price. Neat, huh?

Another MUST thing is to buy their uber--large chocolate chip cookies. It's P40 for three thin pieces but it's crumbly goodness like no other. And I tell you, I am not so easy to please when it comes to choco chip cookies. It's sold at their cafe.

One other thing that was worth going to Tam-Awan for is enjoying the fog enveloping the area. Now that is the Baguio cool you can't enjoy in the city anymore. There are authentic Ifugao huts there that people can stay in, and maybe we will try them someday, when our young isn't so young anymore.

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Unknown said...

I miss visiting Baguio. it's been awhile since I was last there. Thanks for dropping by.

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