Saturday, May 24, 2008

SM Mall of Asia - Premier Cinema

My husband's colleague sold tickets to the first day of showing of Indiana Jones at SM Mall of Asia - Premier Cinema. So off we went.

What's in the Premier Cinema? Why is it called Premier? Well, the aisles are certainly roomier, as well as the seats. The sound quality may have been better and the screen is certainly bigger. It may have even added to the great resolution of the movie (which I just assumed was great cinematography). I also believe they installed air tools there that gave me reprieve from my allergies and sniffling. Overall though, whatever it's supposed to have above the usual cinema is negligible, if I may say so, unless you're really finicky.

Plus, if you sit at the lower portion of the theater (I'm not sure if you call that the balcony or lodge or de luxe portion), the incline of the floor isn't enough to give you a good view of the screen. So you have to resign yourself to the lower portion of the movie you're watching to be peppered by the heads of those in front of you.

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