Monday, May 26, 2008

Save Money

Many have tried but few really succeed. That's because people still consider money saved as something extra they can use for anything and everything, not money that is separate from their living allowance that is intended for a bigger family project and future use.

The savings account is usually the last place to get a share of a person/family's income when it should have the first slice of the cake. What I did when I was still working is to have our payroll automatically deduct a certain amount from my salary to put into my coop savings. Part of the accummulated amount usually funds gadget buys or Christmas gifts to loved ones and insrance premiums. The other half is money I cannot touch unless it's really a dire emergency (and for that, i'd even have to leave the coop before I can get to my money... that or die, that is. That's how fixed those savings are.)

There were months when I really felt poor, having to live with a limited income and living from paycheck to paycheck. But at least I know that I havd something saved. Sure enough, the savings later on funded bigger things... like my exensive C-section delivery and my son's christening.

So ask your HR or bank for similar set-ups/services. It will do your financial viability good.

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