Monday, May 26, 2008

Limit TV and other media

Alcohol rehab is calling on local celebrity Baron Geisler. And he could be facing real legal troubles from what he did to William Martinez' daughter while drunk. But I think, said daughter, watching her own Mom so soft and forgiving of Baron through all of his antics in the Pinoy Big Brother Home, led to her not being properly defensive. It's not her fault, of course, that she wasn't properly alarmed the minute a drunken Baron swaggered her way... her Mom sure is friends with him. Even Mariel Rodriguez didn't express anger and offense when Baron was harassing him on the show. So why would a younger girl behave otherwise?

So now we have this. And now everybody's calling Baron a pig when they helped set him loose in society. Forgiveness has never been the answer to people with problems... and second chances should only be given to people who have properly repented and rehabilitated.

So limit TV and media time, especially for your kids. TV and other electronic media desensitizes us to a lot of wrongs, making us act (or react) too late. You see a row unfolding in a bar and you get into an "oooh, action!" mode. You think its entertainment when it's actually a situation that can result into properties being destroyed... and people getting hurt.

Plus, media steals time away from actual human interaction, and actual conversations, and reading time, and activity/exercise time. And its a lose-lose situation really, because the more of TV you have, the more games and videos you watch, the more you are also easily bored or get depressed.

Consider this, your daughter might have been led to believe that drunken people ultimately go away, or are punched by knights in shining armor. Maybe it will happen. But the precious time your daughter waits for things to be corrected is the same time it also takes to make her feel like dirt. Better she learns survival skills from you, and not on TV.

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