Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


Anyway, first off... I was not an Indiana Jones fan growing up. I only saw my first Indiana Jones movie when I was already married, and mainly because my husband was aghast that I haven't seen any when he grew up with this fictional hero.

I was an Allan Quatermain fan though.

And this latest Indiana Jones movie is Allan Quatermaine and the Lost City of Gold all over again. Or National Treasure: Book of Secrets (starring Nicholas Cage). And actually, not even as dangerous or action packed as the other two movies. But still, it was a quest for El Dorado, the lost City of Gold.

My husband also says that it is not as action and humor-packed as the old Indiana Jones movies. But that is not to say that the movie isn't entertaining. It is. Very much. I also love the cinematography, the transition of the scenes, and whatever twists the movie had.

I even forgave the major loophole of having other things working (like watches and machines) when the Crystal Skull is around and uncovered when it is supposed to be highly magnetic.

If I'm going to be honest too, I think this is less a comeback for Harrison Ford than an introduction/celebration of Shia LaBeouf. Not that Shia needs introducing, but the movie, as it unfolds, felt more about him (or his character Mutt Williams) rediscovering his strengths and coming into his own.

So yes, certainly, it is not a GREAT movie but it's a good, engaging one that I wouldn't mind enjoying for years to come in my dream audio-visual room complete with home theater carpet and surround sound. Because it did manage a timeless appeal.

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