Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Giving Birth at Asian Hospital

This will be the brief version of a post i've already made in my wedblog. Giving birth at Asian Hospital may be more expensive than usual but it sure is value for money.

The facilities are top-notch. The staff are accommodating and courteous. You are briefed every turn and there won't be an attendant (nurse or resident) who does not know your chart by heart. The staff reconfirms your information though, but interviews, are reduced to a half, or a third. So you need not recount your pregnancy history the whole time you are there.

Plus, unless you'd be requiring a C-section delivery, all their rooms are birthing rooms so you need not switch rooms for labor, delivery and recovery.

Disposable gloves are provided for both mother and child which would come in handy for anyone attending to you when you're still unable to clean yourself up, or the baby. The food is catered and they even offer a pre-discharge dinner for the new parents. The rooms offer lots of privacy. And you are assured that the hospital is breastfeeding-friendly because they use nursing cups instead of feeding bottles.

It is also a breeze getting admitted and getting discharged (unless of course, you don't have the money to pay the bills, maybe). And nurses only let go of you outside their front lobby. That is dedicated service and pampering.

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