Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rockpoint Hotel and Spa, San Pablo, Laguna

I once raved about Rockpoint Hotel and Conference Center in Pansol, with its attentive staff, hot springs pool, cheap conference packages, wonderful food and tubs in every room (except the dorm-type ones).

So I really cannot help but wonder what it's like at the Rockpoint Hotel and Spa in San Pablo, Laguna. Their multiply site has their rates and contact info and map (offering barkada/family packages now too).

If you want to check out their facilities but don't really want to drive all the way to San Pablo, then maybe a video of their hotel will interest you.

Rockpoint Pansol also has a video you can check out, since it's nearer.

Some hotels and resorts charge a ransom. Rockpoint does not. So going there doesn't have to be this grandly planned affair. Both Rockpoints are relatively near so family gatherings, barkada gimiks, office outings or even birthdays can easily be celebrated here.

You can consider it for more formal affairs too. Check out this wedding.


Addendum March 27, 2008

I was e-mailed by Rockpoint's Managing Director in Pansol and she kindly directed me to Rockpoint's temporary website with updated rates for rooms and services. Do check it out.


Jeanny said...

Hi mec.Nice site you got here. very informative :)

keep it up

Mec said...

tenx ganda!

ava said...

hello, i'm ava.. i just want to ask if you're accepting for ojt applicant? pls reply.. here is my friendster email add.. tnx!

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