Thursday, March 27, 2008

deceptively delicious

When Mrs. Seinfeld guested at the Oprah Show to promote her recipes that involved pureed vegetables in kiddie favorites, I was sold. I excitedly told my husband about my dreams of doing the same for my son.

But wait. Are the food really as good as they were touted to be? One Mom says they were deceptively disappointing. And some others question the wisdom of deceiving your kids with something so important as the food they eat.

Others are quick to say, however, that this particular trick works best for really younger kids and that the older ones deserve to know. So maybe, before heading out to get a copy of the book, do your own experimentations at home first.

And actually, if you raise your children to love vegetables and fruits as main meals, desserts and snacks, you need not worry about tricking them when they're older.

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