Thursday, February 28, 2008


My blogs have been approved for weeks already... but I do not find any opps when I log in to my account. Then suddenly, there was one... buzz for the site. So I immediately finished it but got confused because there was no submit button for the url. So I e-mailed them to ask what to do.

But I received an e-mail that my post was approved and they were paying me $10 after thirty days. But then, my Berk friend Ruth left a comment and directed me a blog post about problems with bloggerwave.

Well, maybe they have cleaned up their act but I still removed my post. My blogs have been approved already anyway so maybe i'll just jump back into their bandwagon when everything 's been settled already and they've cleaned up their act.

updated March 18, 2008

they paid me even if it's not thirty days yet so I put my buzz post for them again. It's the right thing to do. I still don't see other opps but at least I have no cause for complaints.

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