Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vicks Vaporub

Vicks Vaporub has been around since who knows when. It's commonly seen on bedsides when one has the flu, or is suffering from the colds.

And then you get an e-mail that tells you that Vicks, applied generously to the feet (and covered by socks after to protect your sheets, of course) stops coughing! Urban legend or not?

Well, Vicks supposedly hasn't officially claimed that ability yet. Still, there are many mothers who attest that the above works for them. Some would say, however, that you should do it when the cough is just beginning for it to work.

Coincidence? Who knows.

Still, Vicks is still great when massaged gently on one's chest, throat or back. When my head aches, I also use it to massage my temples with (careful not to let it get into your eyes). Some also put a dollop of Vicks in a basin of steaming water, to relieve sinus congestion.

Mixing Vicks with alcohol is also really great for massages... one that has been capitalized/kinkified by the escort/paid sex worker industry under the term "pocket massage" (which costs between $60-75).

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