Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wii is our world

... or so we hope.

I think I only ever owned one Game & Watch in my day. They were a Nintendo offering that helped me while away afternoons under drying clothes on our balcony, while also simultaneously flirting with the odd neighbor or two.

Well, Nintendo has come a long way with their offerings... and hubs has been at me in seeking permission to invest our funds on a Wii, a gaming console (basically, a game with buttons and joysticks for interactive entertainment) that he justifies has helped many people lose weight through its Wii Sport (yup, you can play golf or tennis at home, and with the family). It's wi-fi ready and can be used to play Sims.

Unfortunately for our superficial wants, our pregnancy was a difficult and expensive one... and despite having disposable funds for the Wii, we decided we'd be happier having our son baptized instead.

Fortunately for us, there is another way of getting a Wii... friends and countrymen, may I just refer you then to Xpango.Com so you can help me get my hubs a Wii?

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