Saturday, December 15, 2007

domain what?

Here's a quick post.

I've always felt like an idiot when domains and what-nots are being discussed... and it's a shame really since i've been blogging since 2002 I believe.

Anyway, for those who are as challenged as I am, this is how I understood it.

A domain name or just domain is the address... for example, your home address will be your domain name. A great services site example would be

A host is the space which the domain will occupy... think of it as a lot (rented, leased, owned). A good Pinoy example is ploghost by Yuga.

I've been thinking about getting my own host and domain for a long while now (think years) but i'm perpetually intimidated by the fact that there are still so much about the internet that I don't understand.

Then again, I think am going about this the wrong way. Maybe I should go headlong and get 'my own home' so that i'd be forced to learn... same way how I learned to blog and tinker with html templates to make them my own.

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