Tuesday, December 04, 2007

why the blog?

Actually, this was my husband's idea.

I am a self-confessed I.T. idiot. Maybe that was why I dated, got involved, and went steady with men from the IT industry and ultimately ended up with a computer geek and gadget-freak.

Anyway, am always at the mercy of my husband's explanations and one time, as I was asking him about VOIP, he wondered aloud how fun it would be if he had time to run a blog entitled, "My Wife Wanted to Know about I.T." (pun intended on the I.T.).

Obviously, he doesn't have time to blog. But of course, he makes times to answer my questions... speaking to me usually as if am a five-year old (I don't take offense because any techier and I wouldn't be able to grasp it). In a way, he'd be blogging through me. I just hope though that I give his explanations justice...

Anyway, thus the blog. But I am expanding this blog's scope with the other things I just naturally DON'T GET and are seldom really interested in :) (so yeah, mostly men stuff?).

I remain,
A semi-interested wife


Addendum, dated Jan 17, 2008

i've decided to change the blog theme and make this a blog for tips and tricks that will promote better understanding, provide cure/prevention, facilitate an experience, create less hassle, result in more fun or stop questions and wanderings.

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